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High Holy Days 2019/5780 with Kol Ami

We're so excited you're planning to join our community to celebrate the High Holy Days this year!
For our full schedule and details, please click here. 
Kol Ami Members: for those who have renewed your membership and returned your ticket forms, tickets will be mailed by September 10. Fill out the form below for Yizkor, sponsorships, or additional prayer books. 

Not yet a Kol Ami member? We'd love to have you! Please fill out the form below for tickets, prayerbooks, Yizkor (memorial) book entries, and sponsorships. For ticket orders completed before September 3, we can mail tickets or hold at will call. All orders completed after September 3 will be held at will call. 

Additional questions? Please contact our office at (323) 606-0996 or by email to
Mailing address optional. For orders placed before September 3, 2019, we will mail tickets to this address. 
   All service tickets ($320)
   Single: Rosh Hashanah Evening - Sept. 29, 8PM ($200)
   Single: Rosh Hashanah Morning - Sept. 30, 10AM ($200)
   Single: Kol Nidrei - Oct. 8, 8PM ($225)
   Single: Yom Kippur Day - Oct. 9, 10AM ($225)
We're proud to be able to offer tickets to people ages 30 and under for a donation of your choice! For those who can afford the full ticket price, please consider doing so -- your gift supports our congregation, and can even be contributed towards membership dues should you choose to join us formally as a member.
For multiple tickets, each person age 30 and under should complete this form.
Our congregation uses the Reform Movement machzor, Mishkan HaNefesh, which features fully transliterated liturgy, study texts that provide backgorund and context, contemporary poetry, translations that capture the beauty of Hebrew, original woodblock art by acclaimed artist Joel Shapiro, and essays by leading Reform Movement thinkers. Prayer books are not provided and are available for purchase at $42 for a set.
   Yizkor Page
   Yizkor NameEach year, we offer our community a chance to remember their loved ones formally by printing names in our Yizkor (memorial) book to be used during our Yom Kippur Yizkor service (at the end of our morning service.) Help turn your memories into a lasting legacy for our community by donating for a page or a name.
Please write the name(s) and relationship of your loved ones to be included in our Yizkor (memorial) book in the box above. (e.g. Jane Goldberg, grandmother)
   Victims of the Holocaust
   Those who died from AIDS
   Those who died from Cancer
   LGBTQ+ Jews with only us to say Kaddish for themOur congregation also has pages listed for those who would like to honor the victims of the holocaust, those who have died from AIDS, from cancer, and LGBTQ+ Jews who have only us to say Kaddish for them. If you would like your name to be included in these categories, please select below, for an additional donation of $25 per category. 
Please add your name as you would like it listed on the group pages of our Yizkor book.
   Rosh Hashanah Oneg ($200)
   Bimah Flowers ($300)
   Bimah Flowers and Rosh Hashanah Oneg ($450)
   Music ($250)
   Visual Tefillah ($100)
   Family Service ($75)
Wed, August 21 2019 20 Av 5779